San Giovanni's lily

 Pastures under the Torrione Fiorelli


Our business developed around an ancient group of farmsteads called Alpe Muscera, which is situated at 1350 mt above sea level on the eastern side of the Grigna Meridionale.

We are settled along the first stretch of the Traversata Bassa, a trail that connects the Piani Resinelli with the mountains of Pasturo, in other words the eastern slopes of the two massifs which constitute the Grigne group.

In former times the Alp was connected with the valley below through a consortial road which climbed the mountain from Balisio and passed through all the farmhouses along the way.

The road was used to lead animals to the pastures and to take wood to the valley. There was no practicable road to reach the Piani Resinelli.

Today, the trace of the road is still visible.

The Piani Resinelli area, once a hunting and farming zone and a beloved destination for group field trips, developed to a holiday resort area, a tourist destination popular among mountain lovers and families. The development of tourism did not affect the Alp which preserved its rural appearance.

The clayey ground and the calcareous rocks are typical features of the pre-alpine environment. Usually, the pastures are quite poor but filled with Erica plants and mountain pines. This kind of vegetation is suitable for the pasture of rustic and easily adaptable animals.

Our farm is water and energy self sufficient. We adopt the concept of extensive agriculture . Our purpose is to equally balance the importance of the environment and of the livestock production, so that the former shall be“naturally sufficient” for the latter.